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Classic Neck & Back Massage

Time: 30 min. Cost: $40

Classic Foot Reflexology

Time: 30 min. Cost: $40

Classic Body Massage ~ any pressure preference ~

Relax and renew with this classic touch that melts away tension and stress. Enjoy an integration of Eastern and Western techniques to fully restore balance and energy.

Time: 60 min. Cost: $80

Time: 90 min. Cost: $120

Deluxe Hot Stone Massage ~ heat relaxing therapy ~

Deep heated smooth Basalt Lava stones are incorporated into the classic massage. Hot stone therapy improves the sense of well-being. The Hot Stones assist in releasing endorphins which is your body’s natural remedy for pain. In addition to relaxing the muscles and easing stress, it eliminates toxins, promotes and enhances circulation.

Time: 75 min. Cost: $120

Rose or Eucalyptus Lemongrass Oil Dead Sea Salt Scrub 

This is a full body Dead Sea Salt exfoliation scrub with special blend of essential and scented oil in our exclusive warm, low mist steam room. This calming treatment improves skin clarity by removing dead skin layers. The results of your experience leave your skin silky smooth and supple.

Time: 30 min. Cost: $80

Organic Sweet Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

This is a delicious all natural exfoliation hydro-treatment using organic sugar and natural vanilla. It is done in our exclusive low mist steam room. This soothing treatment refines your skin texture by gently exfoliating dry skin, dead skin cells and debris leaving your skin smooth, radiant and glowing.

Time: 30 min. Cost: $80

Thai Herbal Ball Massage ~ heat relaxing therapy ~

Experience a touch of paradise with a Thai Herbal Ball Massage. This Eastern treatment utilizes external heat therapy centered on warm muslin wrapped herbal balls. The combination of compression and rocking methods allows the herbs to penetrate deep into muscles and joints. The warm muslin balls are filled with specially selected herbs and spices including lemongrass, turmeric, prai, kaffir lime, camphor, and tamarind. Integrated with our classic massage, it is an absolute melt down experience. The key benefits are to detoxify the body, increase blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic fluid while providing the best in a relaxing massage.

Time: 90 min. Cost: $150

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